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Abderrahim El Makkouri shows a photo of himself as a young storyteller

Abderrahim El Makkouri shows a photo of himself as a young storyteller

“The Last Storytellers succeeds brilliantly in delving down through the endless overlapping layers of Marrakech life, to reveal the extraordinary underbelly, an ancient cultural bedrock built on stories and story-telling. Through a shrewd perception of a society that can seem nothing less than baffling to the Occidental mind, Richard Hamilton has triumphed where many before him have failed.”
Tahir Shah, author of The Caliph’s House and In Arabian Nights

“This is a wonderfully vivid and striking collection of stories which I heartily recommend.”
Fergal Keane

“In collecting these tales of wisdom, wonder, adventure and humour from the small and aging group of Moroccan story-tellers Richard Hamilton has not only offered entertainment to his readers but he has also carried out a valuable form of rescue archaeology within the vanishing world of professional story-telling.”
Robert Irwin

“Richard Hamilton has recorded something which very few foreign correspondents do and in doing so he has captured a rich, vibrant yet disappearing world. The immediate and sudden stories of political upheaval, conflict and natural disaster are what takes a foreign correspondent to postings around the world. But instead, Richard Hamilton, a modern reporter of the 24 hour news age, has chosen to focus on something very different. He has listened, learned and been captivated by the storytellers of Morocco, re-telling some of that country’s charming and spellbinding traditional stories. The tales are amusing, whimsical and and leave you spellbound that you are reading stories which may soon disappear. Hamilton has paid a fine and lasting tribute to Morocco’s storytellers by writing down their stories for posterity…and our enjoyment.”
Rageh Omaar