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List of Contents

Moulay Mohamed El Jabri

Moulay Mohamed El Jabri

  • Introduction
  • The Red Lantern
  • The King and His Prime Minister
  • The Gazelle with the Golden Horns
  • The Imam and the Wager
  • The Girl who fell in love with the Hermit
  • The Birth of the Sahara
  • The Trials of Noureddine
  • The Sultan and his Vizier’s Wife
  • The Queen and the King, the son of Amelkani
  • Nour and the Sultan
  • The Laundryman and the Fountain
  • The Man who went against his Father’s Wishes
  • The Vizier and the Chicken
  • The Fakir and the Frog
  • The Two Hunchbacks
  • El-Ghaliya bent Mansour
  • The Land and the Treasure
  • The Statue and the Robber
The House of Ahmed Temiicha

The House of Ahmed Temiicha

  • The Tailor, the Princess and the Eagle
  • The Sultan and the Thief
  • The Eyes of Ben’Adi
  • The Shoemaker and the Bird
  • The Vizier and the Barber
  • Seven Coins and a Donkey
  • The Sultan’s Daughter and the Leper
  • The Nobleman and his Three Sons
  • The Vengeance of Allah
  • The Woman and the Black Cat
  • Aicha Rmada
  • The Traveller and the Pasha’s Daughter
  • The Girl from Fes
  • One Hundred and one Beheadings
  • The Three Figs
  • Suleiman, the Stork and the City of Gold
  • The Woman and the Devil
  • The Bird from the Land of Gabour
  • The Pomegranate and the Talking Drum